INES Mission (draft):

  • SME Development
  • All stackholders, every country, every function
  • Network Focus on Projects
  • international Linkages
  • Develop + Support Entrepreneurship
  • innovation
  • identify financing possibilities
  • Develop products for SME


 Objectives (draft)

  • Entrepreneureal Mindset
  • International Linkages
  • Interplay of Stackholders from different regions and functions
  • identify financing opportunities and manage Fonds for SME Development
  • Promotion of Business development
  • Support Business + Innovation
  • Mindset in Education including social, economic gross an sustainable enviromental aspects (triple buttomized)
  • Think global, act local
  • promote local network for support on place
  • Establish "COIN´s": Collaboration Innovative Information Network
  • What / How / Why